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Dr. Debra Gibson (von Mandl) , D.TCM

This site provides education on treatment and preventative health using Chinese Medicine techniques.

Dr. Debra Gibson (von Mandl), Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, maintains a general practice in Vancouver specializing in pain control, gynecology, addiction control and immune and allergy disorders with an emphasis on preventative health care. She is certified in JMT, NMT, NAET, NADA, NET, CRA, KHT, Neurolink and Cranio-sacral Therapy techniques.

Practiced Techniques

Including: acupuncture, acupressure, applied kinesiology, CRA, Neurolink, NAET, NMT, NET, Korean Hand Therapy, Chinese Herbal therapy, and Homeopathy.

My philosophy

I believe in individual patient care to assess and determine the root cause of each patient's representative illness, and assist in eradicating this origin. Treatment could consist of any one or a combination of the therapies I am trained in, or you may also be referred to another health practitioner if that is what is needed to treat the root cause.

Distinguishing between a true diagnosis and a syndrome is important. A true diagnosis is where the cause of the illness has been found. A positive blood sample can confirm a streptococcus infection. This is a true diagnosis. A syndrome has no clear origin, but rather is a category that a patient falls into. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an example, where the bowel has shown irritation, but the cause is undetermined.

Constitutional cup theory

I believe that a variety of causes have led to each patient's current condition. These causes could include allergens, unresolved pathogenic infections, inability of the body to breakdown, absorb and utilize nutrients, insufficient elimination of wastes, nutrition deficiency, hormonal imbalances and emotional stress, all which add up to a body experiencing dis-ease. Traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics and principles coupled with energetic medicine or other complementary techniques are very effective methods in treating patients who have unresolved health problems.

Please contact the office to make an appointment for a private consultation and treatment.

Contact information

Dr. Debra Gibson (von Mandl), D.TCM
Suite 104 - 3077 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3J9


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