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JMT the Jaffe-Mellor-Technique for treating Autoimmune Diseases

What is JMT?

After years of study and clinical research, Jaffe and Mellor have found common factors that existed in all of their patients with arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Jaffe and Mellor then set about isolating what they call the energetic signatures of these EPFs, with the goal to rid the body of the EPFs thus to stop the immune system from attacking both the EPF and surrounding healthy tissue.

These energetic signatures (similar to homeopathy) contain the unique vibration of each EPF, and are contained in water-filled vials. They react in much the same way as electrical energy exists and can be conducted in a container of water.

What happens in a JMT session?

Note: practitioners listed for referral do not include those who trained in the original technique, nor those who do not subscribe for web referrals.

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