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NeuroModulation Technique

How does NMT work?

Neuro-Modulation Technique is a proprietary system of health care treatment based upon a method of accessing, assessing and modulating the autonomic control system of the patient through muscle response testing and correcting, utilizing verbal and/or non-verbal semantic questions and statements, and further augmented and reinforced with percussive, or other stimulation of vertebral segments, specific breathing patterns, and other sensory stimuli. It is based upon widely accepted neuro-physiological models.

NMT approaches very literally the proposition that the closest analogy to the human nervous system is the computer. It uses a unique form of muscle response testing to access and assess the autonomic nervous system, and modulate the performance of autonomic function with specific semantic reprogramming and debugging scripts. The NMT method is based on generally recognized principles of neuro-physiology, physiology, psychology, linguistics, and anatomy and constitutes a unique and proprietary system of health care.

What Can be Treated with NeuroModulation Technique?

Neuro-Modulation Technique produces profound results in virtually all forms of illness which are provoked by faults in the function of the autonomic nervous system. This list includes all allergies, chronic degenerative diseases such as all forms of arthritis; multiple sclerosis and other de-mylenating diseases; Crohn's disease, IBS, and gastric reflux disease; infectious disease processes; all autoimmune diseases; acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions; addictions, emotional, psychological and sensory/motor neurologic disturbances.



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